Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education Officer: Maj. Hilda Pereyo

Aerospace Education Program

Internal – Within CAP Squadron and Wing
        • Cadet Program
  • Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM) Yeager Award
  • AEO Specialty Track 215
        • Senior Program
      • Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM) Yeager Award
      • AEO Specialty Track 215
      • Awards
      • Crown Circle
      • Crossfield Teacher of Year
      • Brewer
      • AE Mission
        • AE Reports, Guidance and inspections
      • AE Plan of Action (AE POA)
      • Support for Squadrons from Wing
      • Aerospace Education Workshops – Internal
      • Staff Assistance Visits to Squadrons
      • AE Inspections
      • Subordinate Unit Inspections (Squadron)
      • Compliance Inspection (Wing)
  • External – Within the Community, State, and Nation
    • Aerospace Education Member (AEM)
    • National Congress on Aviation and Space Education (NCASE)
    • AEX in Schools
    • AE Support Materials for Schools
    • Aerospace Education Workshops – External
    • CAP NHQ AE Website and Links
    • CAP’s AE Program for Schools

Duties/Responsibilities of an AEO – Squadron and Wing

The Aerospace Education Officer Specialty Track 215 is the leadership program for aerospace education in Civil Air Patrol. CAP senior members may voluntarily elect to participate in the Aerospace Education Officer Specialty Track 215 and earn Technician, Senior, and Master ratings (ref CAPP 215). Achieving the 215 Master rating earns the senior member the
A. Scott Crossfield Award.
CAP senior members may voluntarily do a self-paced, self-study program Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM) and earn the Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award (Yeager Award – ref. CAPR 280-2). Completing the AEPSM in conjunction with Level II of the Senior Member Training Program earns a gold “Aerospace Education Award” seal on the Certificate of Proficiency (COP).
Review CAP Pamphlet 15, CAP Regulation 280-2 and CAP Pamphlet 215 for a more complete listing of duties/responsibilities expected of an AEO. The following summarizes briefly what duties an AEO might perform at the squadron or wing levels.

  • Leads or oversees the weekly AE current events discussion
  • Oversees the aerospace education portion of the cadet and senior member programs
  • Ensures cadet orientation flights are taking place
  • Works with the unit activities officer to plan enrichment activities
  • Develops and supervise Squadron AE POA
  • Files reports as required by regulation
  • Briefs unit commander regularly
  • Supports wing/region/national AE activities
  • Supports the external aerospace education programs in the community
IN OREGON WING, the DAE and/or AE Directorate staff members:
  • Helps recruit squadron AEOs
  • Trains squadron AEOs
  • Develops and oversees the Wing AE POA
  • Visits and inspects subordinate unit’s AE programs
  • Provides AE program support as necessary and reasonable
  • Reports names of members earning Yeager awards and issues certificates
  • Ensures nominations are made for AE grants and awards
  • Supports the AE program with information in the ORWG AE website
  • Ensures the dissemination of changes in programs, regulations, policies, and procedures relevant to aerospace education
  • Supports external aerospace education programs and activities
  • Reports on these programs to Pacific Region and National Headquarters